DHA The name of Trust.


Investing in DHA? Think Again

DHA has been a name of trust and security of investment, which encouraged thousands of Pakistanis local and abroad to safeguard their future and after retirement investments in the hands of DHA, but unfortunately, it has been turned into a nightmare in DHA Valley since 2012. People invested heavily in DHA Valley project in 2008, especially Overseas Pakistan who are the concrete pillars of the economy of Pakistan, are main affectees as they have no other choice to protect their investment neither in Pakistan nor abroad.

The people who had paid money to get the plots in DHA Valley had found that they were fooled because they were deliberately not informed by the DHA management about the agreement between DHA Islamabad, Bahria Town, and HRL over land development. In 2009, the DHA had transferred all the funds raised from the public — Rs62bn — to the accounts of Bahria Town. But, Bahria Town failed to develop the scheme.

About 110,000 civilians, 41,000 serving and retired military officers and families of martyrs were cheated in the scam. The total land in question is of 165,000 kanals.

DHA Valley has become a pain body for the people who have invested and waiting for the possession and living up to the promises by DHA, Bahria Town, and Courts of Pakistan. Many have died in the wait to see the possession of DHA valley plots. There is no movement and much development progress on site that could give a believable reason to wait. Even the Chief Justice has been observed to be ignoring the hues and cries, no action nor by COAS, NAB was taken.

What needs to be done?

Either we just keep waiting and keep getting being fooled by fake statement and promises or unite for our rights. This is not a matter of 1 or 2 people. We are talking about over 150,000 people many of whom are waiting for their homes to be built, those who have promised their children for their own home and shelter, those who have invested all their life-time savings into the project.

The resolution demands a movement by the people to get their rights from DHA and demands plot without any surplus / additional development charges.

We demand MEDIA and other influences and enablers of the society to highlight the matter and bring it in the limelight so that the decision makers could give it an ear.

Affectees are holding a protest on 18th of February which will have the following agenda:

Protestee request CJ, COAS, NAB, IK, HONEST media anchors to take the matter seriously and support us to get our hard earned money back

Demand promised developed plots in DHA valley or at any alternate location so that people could start building their houses.

DHA should take back the newly imposed serviced development charges that have further heightened the pain and chaos in the affectees.